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Co - Create today

 Co-Creating (known as commission art) has never been any easier than with me! 

I have created some standard sizes and prices for you to choose from, there are five square options and 4 landscape or portrait options. These can be viewed above and include the below.

Co-Creating is super affordable and a really easy process that I support you through 


Easy to follow process

  1. Choose the space you want to place your new Art in

  2. I offer advice on the right size artwork, feel free to email/message photos through and we will nail this important step

  3. Once you decide on the size you can choose from the 9 of the READY TO CREATE sizes

  4. If your size isn't represented here please get in touch and I can create a quote specifically for you. This may take a few weeks longer and they are made to size

  5. I will be in touch and we will either have a phone call or voice message whatever you please, we will go over the series of mine you like, the energy you want and any other important factors, the more information you give the better, it's as important to know what you dont like as what you do

  6. You may have a special place in a photo or moment you want to recreate a abstract artwork of, this is something I am great at

  7. I will confirm via email the look we are going for, and you will be required to pay 50% deposit, or you can pay in full

  8. I will create Your art and be in touch along the way, if you wish I can show you photos at the 70% finished mark, you will then have the chance to say, LOVE, HATE bluer, less pink, love the right more of that!  Please note this step isn't needed and I am very confident if the brief is nailed I will go ahead and finish Your art its a personal choice

  9. I will be in touch when she is complete and you will pay the final payment

  10. Your art will be delivered professionally to your home in Australia this is included in the price. International shipping will be given a quote and this will be added to your initial quote. We love shipping across the GLOBE! 

Other information

  • All READY TO CREATE artworks include Framing and delivery as per above

  • The process takes around 6-8 weeks depending on size ETC

  • You can have a Your art Co-Create with no framing simply get in touch today

  • Framing can also be done in 4 colours and raw

  • All Your art is packed and delivered via a professional business 




  • If you know your size, email/DM me now and lets get started

  • If you have no idea what size to create then email me some photos and lets work this step out now

  • You can fill in the below enquiry form if you choose it can make things easier for us both!

  • I will support you through this! it's super easy and I already can't wait!

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