Six week Coaching course


  • 3 x one on one zoom sessions 60-90 mins
  • Unlimited 1:1 real time support via a voice and text messaging app.
  • Develop Branding if needed
  • Business support tailored to you
  • Mindset, goal setting 
  • Email support and templates 


When and How?

  • All you need is the urge to better your life
  • We run our calls on Zoom, or can find an alternative if this doesn't suit you
  • Everything we discuss is 100% confidential, you will receive contracts at the commencement of this course 
  • I will email you whats agreed to at the end of each Zoom call
  • I will check in on you via the messaging app
  • You will need to do the work to get the benefit from this program
  • You can set the times best for the calls, I make myself available evenings if this suits your needs better 
  • After this course it is suggested you then enrol in 'Your accountable' subscription where we meet monthly and continue the communication via talking app

'Your Way' Six Week coaching

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