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Shop Gallery

In my Gallery you will find original artworks in various series. 

I am adding new works here every few weeks. Click to view.


Co Create with me (commission art)

Working with you, we will create the art you never knew you needed in your life, you choose the series that talk to you, and the colours you vibe, we chat on the phone or messages and I make it come alive. 

Co creatiing will give you an original piece of art that will be filled with the enregy you desire, it will be the most talked about peace in your home or work. 


Limited Edition Prints 

We offer premium prints of some original artworks. These are all numbered and signed and a individual authenticity certificate supplied with every print. You can purchase framed or unframed.  


Your Way - Coaching and Mentoring 

I am so so much more than just an artist! I have created various courses for you and I too work together in. These are all tailored to suit your individual needs.

Live the life you deserve! Come smash your goals with me!

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About me

I am Nicky.. I am loud, an over sharer, I swear, I dance and I live my authentic life.

I am a proud gay woman who is a mum of 2 boys and I love that I call the Gold Coast home. 


I have been creating Art since the day I was born and loved it so much that I went on to study Visual Arts at University.


 Art to me was always my way of moving through my emotions.


I am an open person but I always kept my art to myself until 2017, when I started Your Art. 

Your Art was founded as I could no longer keep it to myself and had to share my art with you. 


Your Art is my way of connecting, I take my feelings and pour them into my paintings, so you the client can draw upon this emotion and say "YES" to life.. 


Contact me

EMAIL - hello@yourart.com.au 

PHONE - 0402 704 481