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Your Art

Original Art by Nicole

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Nicole Lee 
Artist | Coach 


I am Nicole Lee Schafter lover of Energy and Connection, I choose to embrace this through art, coaching and my succesful podcast. Your say.

I have been creating art since the day I was born and loved it so much that I went on to study Visual Arts at University, it has always been my out in life. 

I love abstract emotive art, but do adore creating women, as a very proud lesbian the womans form has been a lifetime love of mine.

I am an open person but I always kept my art to myself until 2017, when I started the your art business and began to share my passion with the world.

Your Art is my way of connecting to all, I love what others see in my works and I am an expert in Co creating art that tells your story.


My coaching business is also about energy and connection, as a lover of talking painting was not enough as the canvases just wouldn't talk back to me, having been a leader in large companies for over 20 years I am an expert in all things people and adore this part of my business.


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